fire engineering consultants

Fire engineering with BIM

We create the possibility of designing fire security systems in a unified information environment (BIM-model). In the past, fire engineering took a lot of professional time. Karno Energy fire engineers create projects and documentation without a long and laborious work, saving you time and resources.

  • Saving Funds. BIM modeling costs much less than hundreds of hours of human labor.
  • Time Advantageous. BIM projecting will save up to 70% of your time by optimizing calculations.
  • Human factor. Our design services and BIM tools reduces errors by about 40%.

Fire risk calculations

BIM modeling also improves the accuracy and speed of building the topology of the object when determining the calculated values of fire risk in buildings. Contact our fire engineers and see more of information about fire engineering on Karno Energy official web The use of a ready-made 3D model of an object eliminates the need to build the topology and geometry of an object manually from 2D drawings and significantly reduces the possibility of human error.

Karno Team take into account all fire factors of building

The high degree of detailing of the architecture and construction of the building allows the use of existing building elements as the boundaries of smoke zones, and the arrangement of technological equipment in the model increases the reliability of modeling the processes of evacuation and the development of hazardous fire factors.

Fire engineering and 3D Design

It's safe to say that the future is 3D design, and the transition to BIM is inevitable, just as the early transition from drawing boards to computers was. Most manufacturers of equipment, furniture, building and facade structures already have and are developing the element bases of their products in the BIM-model format, which makes them more competitive in the market and allows to increase the speed of 3D-design of objects.